Zccr.net Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct was taken, with permission, from the most excellent ClassicZcars.com web site where it is posted in memory of Enrique Scanlon.


This website is intended for the discussion of all aspects of the Datsun and Nissan series of Z cars. From the earliest model to the latest cars, the availability of current, honest and factual information is the primary goal of this site.  Other Non-Datsun/Nissan/Z-Car related discussions are welcome as long as they are in some way automotive related.

This website is international in scope. As such, we have individuals from many different parts and cultures of the world. Remember that what is considered wrong in one country may not be in another and what seems like an insult may just be a cultural difference. Look at their location and try to work it out in a friendly manner. Written text can be extremely harsh at times, and the reader’s take may be completely different than what the writer intended. If in doubt, report the post. If a general tone were to be defined for the site, it would be based on the “Golden Rule”, that is: Treat others, as you would want others to treat you.

Our Staff keeps it focused. Our Administrators and Moderators perform the other bits of maintenance for this site. They are volunteers and their efforts, keep this site focused on our main theme: Pride, Preservation and Performance. They are or have been Z owners and have knowledge and opinions and are free to post them.

Our site is safe. Our Administrators and Moderators are tasked with keeping the general sense of the site towards discussions on the Z. They also monitor the membership to safeguard against spammers, phishers and individuals with motives contrary to the purpose of our site. Your information is also safeguarded and will not be sold.

Keep your posts polite. With any large community of people; disagreements, differences in opinion and arguments can and will occur. In order to maintain a general level of comportment acceptable to all, discussions should be conducted in the same manner as if you were in public and in front of each other, which is respectfully and calmly. If the discussion begins to turn ugly, the moderator of the forum may have to take action in order to restore the peace and decorum of the site.

Administrators and moderators take action as the situation merits. Generally, they will delete posts that are off-topic, argumentative, insulting, intentionally annoying etc. Sometimes a simple warning is given, other more serious instances require infractions and lastly… suspension and even expulsion from the site. These actions are necessary to protect the site’s contents from being diminished with unrelated, inappropriate or malignant content.

The administrative actions taken are not open to public debate or argument. At times it may appear as if these actions are unduly unfair, especially if you disagree with them. If you feel that you have been dealt with unfairly, you may request a review of the situation by sending a Private Message (PM) to any member of the staff. Explain your position and reason for requesting the review, and allow the reviewer to view the post(s). Moderators generally involve other moderators when they are personally involved in a discussion, but their main responsibility is to keep the site peaceful.

Don’t bring politics into the discussion or forum. Whether you’re an Aardvark or a Hyena is irrelevant here, don’t post it and it won’t be deleted. General comments regarding the world’s situation in general are acceptable; blaming vague (or even specific) generalities on specific actions/individuals/political parties is considered politics. It’s OK to grouse, and even complain about situations, but assigning blame or such is not. Religion is also off-limits.

No name calling, directed insults, or flaming … period. Depending on the severity you may be banned immediately… or just get a warning or an infraction. Get several infractions in a given time period, you’ll get a time-out, then banned if you repeatedly must be warned or receive infractions. The infractions need not occur from the same incident.

Being a member is a privilege and not a right. Generally, we expect all the members to get along. If you have a problem or disagreement with another member, avoid confrontations and try to get along. Take your discussion offline, this avoids flame wars and other disruptive conflagrations. If you behave in such a manner that it’s apparent you won’t conform to the site’s general demeanor, because you’ve received infractions, or the general consensus of the forum’s members is such that it is obvious you don’t fit in … you’ll be warned and possibly banned.

No linking to commercial sites without approval. This means your brother’s business, the auto parts store near your house, the one you’re schilling for, etc. Additionally, it MUST have some form of connection to the Z. You can inform other members of where you found something, or had something worked on, but post the information instead of an internet link. Posting links to sales of Z cars anywhere is more suitable to the Classifieds than the forum. These are items that in a short period of time will be finished and over and done with. Those links are commonly obsolete quickly and just litter the site with dead information. The Classified section has a separate function for deleting old and obsolete posts that this forum does not. If you find a car ad that has some special interest to all, then post the entire ad including pictures. In the case of e-Bay or other auction sales, post the entire ad description, and the pictures given as well as the item number. It’s not necessary to copy disclaimers, shipping instructions, etc.

No illegal business at all. Illegal isn’t just that it’s “against the laws” it’s also against the basic tenets of a good society. It is impossible to try to identify exactly what and where something is illegal. Try to consider the consequences and liabilities involved and post accordingly. While there are definitive lines in the sand on some items, others can get fuzzy and in others …the line wavers. Don’t advocate stealing as acceptable even if done in “tiny” amounts. That one is kind of absolute. Dishonesty in all forms is basically frowned upon, but getting a super good price on a hard to find part is not, in EITHER direction. Violence against specific individuals is also a “No”, but wishing car thieves, in general, could be pummeled into the dust is acceptable.

Which brings us to Adult behavior. There are posts, and threads that may not appeal to all. Since this is an International Forum with members worldwide we try to accommodate everyone, but there are differences of what is and isn’t acceptable. What’s acceptable in Holland isn’t the norm in Spain, and might only be found in the alleys in parts of the US. Other flavors, persuasions, variations… are generally not discussed and not alluded to. We won’t attack you, but please don’t bring them here. There are plenty of other sites to ease your tensions, it’s not allowed here. Calling someone by a name relating to one of those other flavors is likely to get YOU banned, if deemed offensive or insulting. In essence everyone gets accepted at face value…. until you prove otherwise. The key here is to keep it in good taste.

What if you goof? We all get multiple “mulligans”. However, if you often stray past the general boundaries of the site, or if you veer contrary to the general demeanor of the site and other members… first you’ll receive warnings, then infractions and lastly, banned.

If you find someone posting something that is offensive to you, report the activity to the administration staff and we will help take care of it.