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own 2 1988 300Z's

Z Lover

I just purchased a 1971 Datsun 240Z almost exactly like the one I purchased new in May of 1971. Over the years I have kept my eye out for a red /black interior '70 or '71 Datsun Z, never seeing quite what I wanted. I just happen to be browsing some Z cars for sale when I came upon one on Ebay from Beverly Hills. I ended up buying it based solely on the pictures and description of the seller. It looks good but does not come close to what I remember about how my car drove in 1971. It's very loose and shifts worse than an old truck. I hope to make some improvements that will make it drive better.

Owner (original) of 1980 10th Anniversary 280ZX; recently got it back on the road after 18 years!

I own a 1994 Emerald black 300ZX TT. I live in the Buffalo Ny area.

I'm am a 50 y/o guy who works in healthcare administration. I was diagnosed with cancer in Nov of 2013. I had always wanted a "Z car" and given my diagnosis thought the time was right to buy one. I hope to pass it on to my 20 y/o son someday.


membership director ZCCR, owns 94 300ZX TT and 72 Datsun 240Z