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Have owned 2 z32 300zx, current is 426 @ the wheels. Love working on cars. Understand electronic and mechanical things on a very high level. My hicas still works and I know how to use it!

I'm a car and truck freak, I've had my Z for 7 years done many things to it, to much to list on here.

Father is owner of 1982ZX Turbo Auto Coupe since new. He has to now sell it due to health and living changes. Very sporty car. Very Original and great condition

I am a college student attending UB for architecture. I live in Ithaca when I am not at school. I am restoring a 71' 240z and have owned a supercharged BRG Miata as well.

'83 Datsun 280ZX

I am a car fan and a car dealer.

Long time sports car fan since first driving an MG-TD at age 16. In '58 had a new TR-3. Then family and business cars for too many years. Did have a
'79 Buick coupe with turbo. Since then coupes and a Ford Probe (the best), Altima Coupe
(very nice) and now a '15 370 Also raced a Formula V and attended racing schools for
about 10 years.

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